American FINCO Increases Approval Rate

SCHAUMBURG, IL, June 27, 2007 -- American FINCO Financial Services, a leading private-label credit provider, announced today that it has implemented a new credit scoring model designed to increase the number of approvals for its dealers and provide more zero discount approvals. While the positive effects of the updated scoring model will benefit all dealers, those dealers with strong performing portfolios will see an even bigger improvement.

“Our new scoring model allows us to better segment good applicants from applicants with a higher risk profile,” said David Perrine, Vice President of Risk Management. “The bottom line is that dealers will see higher approval rates and more approvals with no discount.”

In addition to providing more zero percent discount approvals, American FINCO will also buy deeper into the near-prime pool.

“Our dealers have told us that the credit market has tightened up, and we feel that we can meet their needs best by providing more approval options,” said Robert “Pete” Kanatzar, President of American FINCO. Dealers will begin seeing more near-prime approvals, including a new discount band for the deepest approvals.

American FINCO Financial Services offers innovative financing programs to consumers through a national network of dealers and retailers in the home improvement industry. The Company’s competitively priced and low documentation loan programs have helped dealers and retailers generate incremental sales and profitability since 1999. American FINCO also provides private label credit card programs to merchants in the water treatment and HVAC industries.

CONTACT: American FINCO Financial Services
                     Robert “Pete” Kanatzar
                     (847) 240-4291

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